While the weather is still on the chilly side, we start to fully embrace 2017 and throw ourselves into a new year. A new year is also the perfect opportunity to make a few changes, whether it’s to do up the house or treat yourself to some new wardrobe additions. We all love treating ourselves to something new, and an Irish sweater might just be the best way to do it. If your wardrobe needs a little love and care as we head into the new year, consider investing in a timeless and classic Irish sweater! Here at The Irish Sweater Mill, we have just the design for you.

Irish sweater

Traditional and authentic

An Irish sweater is so much more than just a piece of clothing. The heritage and culture behind the origin of Irish sweaters is incredibly important. Coming from the Aran Islands, just off the mouth of Galway Bay, Irish sweaters helped to protect the men from the elements while they were out at work.

Fishing and farming were huge across the Aran Islands, but the fisherman and farmers needed protecting from the harsh elements. The Irish sweater was provided, and has since become a symbol of Irish culture. Continuing to be a popular style of clothing, Irish sweaters have made their mark on the wider fashion industry too.

Irish sweaters are designed and created using a number of different stitching patterns, all of which hold important meaning regarding life on the islands. From the diamond stitch to the honeycomb stitch, an Irish sweater is much more than an extra layer to keep you warm outside.

Variety of designs

With so many different choices when it comes to design, our collection of Irish sweaters vary from classic crew neck sweaters to hooded cardigans and everything in between. Created using the likes of Merino wool and cashmere blends, an Irish sweater is a luxury treat.

The Irish sweater is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, suitable for a number of different occasions. Whether you need something for a formal event or you simply just need to nip out of the house, an Irish sweater is the perfect solution.

Irish sweater

Irish sweaters for all the family

Here at The Irish Sweater Mill, we create collections for the whole family including men, women and children. We also design beautiful home accessories, such as throws or blankets to finish off your home décor.

Our collection doesn’t just stop at Irish sweaters either. We also create a range of knitwear that includes hats and scarves, perfect for keeping you warm throughout the year.

So, whether you’re buying for yourself or for a loved one, consider an Irish sweater this year!