The weather is gradually starting to turn colder, and soon we’ll be experiencing the darker nights settling in earlier and earlier. Autumn is often dubbed one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, despite the weather getting colder and saying goodbye to your summer wardrobe. However, this means it’s a great excuse to organise your autumn wardrobe and make sure you have everything you need to remain cosy and warm.

An Irish sweater is a timeless classic that has a place in anyone’s wardrobe, especially now we are in the colder half of the year. Whether you aren’t quite ready to pull out your winter coat just yet, or you want to make sure you’re cosy in the dark evenings, let The Irish Sweater Mill help.

Autumn isn’t complete without your go-to sweater, keeping you warm no matter the occasion. The classic design of an Irish sweater means that it can be beautifully paired with a number of other popular trends and designs.


Layering is always an effective way to not only keep warm, but also to style your autumn wardrobe in new ways. Layering can help you to combine clothes and create a new look, without compromising on style.

Wearing a shirt underneath your Irish sweater for something a little smarter, or simply under a coat if you’re feeling the chill, you can create endless looks. If you’re not ready to let go of your dresses and skirts just yet, a pair of tights and an Irish sweater could become your new best friends this autumn.

Layering makes your outfit much more interesting while still being practical; the perfect combination for autumn and even winter!


Accessorising your outfit can allow you to breathe new life into your wardrobe, creating different looks throughout the year. Sometimes a few carefully put together accessories can enhance your outfit for the better!

A statement necklace worn over your Irish sweater can take you from the office to the bar effortlessly, while smart shoes or trainers will create different looks depending on your desired effect. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Stay neutral

Wearing your Irish sweater in a neutral colour, such as cream, brown or even grey, can allow you to wear other prints or colours in the rest of your outfit. Using your Irish sweater as the initial piece of clothing, you can combine a number of other colours and patterns to create a different look.

This way, your Irish sweater will be keeping you warm while the rest of your outfit will turn heads! The beauty of wearing a sweater in a neutral hue is that you open up endless other possibilities for the rest of your ensemble.

Choose your favourite Irish sweater from our extensive collection and get styling!